Responsible Sourcing & Economic Justice

80% of the world’s most spectacular gemstones lie under the ground of the world’s 20% poorest countries.

For centuries these countries have failed to benefit proportionately from the treasures they possess. Crime, drug and human trafficking, and exploitation from outsiders have stripped these nations of their potential wealth. Social and economic poverty are often what is left behind.

On occasion, some marketing buzz is created by leaving behind inconsistent crumbs of poorly audited and barely existent schools and jobs and quality of life improvements. That’s not yet responsible and ethical economic justice for the people who deserve it most.

We need a new model in an age of technology to create trust when trust has seldom been reliably earned over time. We need a new model for sourcing precious gems and minerals—beautiful treasures we find more difficult to love when guilt or unknown sourcing are involved. That’s why at Panjshir Valley Emeralds, we’ve taken a different approach—full transparency and full partnership with Afghanistan, its people, and its businesses. We are building technology that takes the guessing, fear and make-believe out of the supply chain of custody, eliminating crime and guaranteeing fair trade with respect to the stones transformed into spectacular jewelry.

Our best-in-class, patented blockchain technology, developed in conjunction with Oxford University and our award winning blockchain development team, provides the world’s first ever provable chain of custody for colored stones. Our DApp, biometrics, and photographic ID tagging starting at the mine make it virtually impossible for our gemstones to be part of illegal trade in weapons, drugs, or humans. Every transaction is verifiably legal and mutually beneficial.

Contrast this true blockchain technology with the “marketing blockchains” that take stones out of inventory vaults or manually enter stones with no provable history and then call it blockchain. That’s like taking a paper bag with unknown contents and putting it in a lockable safe. It does not have value and is not crime-free simply because someone put it in a safe and spun the dial. You have to know where it came from to know it is crime free. And true blockchain is the only way to prove that and that fair trade is actually benefiting the villages. Anything less is “marketing blockchain” that is mere hype. The industry needs to do this for the human family, not just make claims because they threw something unknown into the vault and spun the dial.

Panjshir Valley Emeralds are provably free from conflict, extortion, drug and human trafficking. Your purchase supports entrepreneurship and the development of an entrepreneurial middle class in Afghanistan—the people working for a peaceful future. The best predictive modeling of the world’s peacekeeping leaders all prove that conflicts and wars and crime are only solved by true economic security. We are right in the middle of that conversation, because this is the answer. We’re honoured to be working side by side with the Afghans to help this generation and those to come with true answers.